Letter to the editor


In my opinion, “EPCC the Best Place to Start” is a fitting slogan.


I completed my basic courses at EPCC and transferred to the university where I obtained my BS in microbiology with a minor in chemistry.


While taking my basics, I had excellent professors like Jawad Mahmoud, Socorro Arteaga, Roswitha Saenz, and Glenda Hill, to name a few.


After being in the workforce for a few years, I am back at EPCC to study nursing. “EPCC the Best Place for Career Development” should also be a slogan.


Based on my experience at EPCC, professors really care about their students.


I would encourage students to attend class and to get to know their professors. 



I have learned that most professors are willing to open up and share their professional and personal views. As an example, I took Professor Pablo Mendoza years ago for a biology course and never got to know him. 


As I return to EPCC a more mature and experienced student, I have gotten to know Professor Mendoza.


Not only is he an outstanding professor of Anatomy and Physiology, but he is passionate about his work with students and encourages us to succeed. 


He is quick to point out that he no longer has to work, but only continues to teach because he enjoys helping students learn.


It was interesting to discuss his personal side such as finding out that he is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 


He shared with me that he has a son who graduated from MIT and from Southwestern Medical School.


His daughter graduated from Notre Dame and continues her advanced studies. His youngest son graduated from CalTech and from the University of Bristol in England with a doctorate in physics. 


I asked him if he needed to work until old age to pay for all these expensive universities. He said to read to your children when they are in the womb and continue working with them very closely through high school and beyond. 


Groom them to graduate as valedictorians and National Merit Scholars and the colleges will come to them with big offers of merit scholarships. So students, get to know your professors, they might teach you life experiences that you can apply to your own life. I have learned that EPCC is the “Best Place for Career Development.”


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