Graduation Dance with a Gatsby Flair

May 3, 2016



El Paso Community College is having a graduation dance on May 13, 2016 at the Marriot Hotel from 9pm to 1am. The student government association has prepared this dance since fall. 


“We do have a committee, they are the ones organizing it all but it is all student government and we all work throughout the whole semester getting decorations,” said Rocio Fierro a student government president.


“We have being preparing this since the fall because we have to hold the reservations with the Marriot and every single detail we want to make sure to get it right so we have being planning since the fall. We do the dance every year and only during spring semester.”


“It’s something we’ve being doing year after year for the graduates and a lot of students don’t know about it but we try and promote it as much as possible and its free for all graduates and if you want to take your family its 10$, but if you do graduate on the fall you’re still invited for the spring so you can come back and still go to the dance for free.” 


The theme of the dance is the Great Gatsby. “The theme is picked by the committee of the year.


Every year we have new members and the people in the committee get to decide the theme, they propose two themes, two main themes, and then it is voted with all of student government association but we take suggestions from students from anybody,” said Fierro.


“We are really hoping to get a good turnout but it’s going to be difficult just because trying to get students to go from the Don Hankins all the way to the Marriot, we have being promoting it a lot by word of mouth like just telling students to come to the graduation because it is free and the dinner is actually really really good and for everybody else it’s just $10, it’s really worth it and its about 15 minutes from Don Haskins to Marriot,” explained Fierro.  


The dance is going to enforce a dress code, “it is semi-formal. You don’t have to go in a gala but you can’t wear flip-flops, tennis shoes and jeans but it is formal,” Fierro said. 


“The dance is a thank you for the students for a job well done. 


"You come to school and you work hard and put so much effort into your school and it is just like a party like a farewell…it’s a really nice dance and it is something to show the students we really care about them that we wish them the best in their future so that they know that EPCC cares about them and student government we are really proud of them.” 


For more information call (915) 831-2096.


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