Soccer Play-offs are ready for kick off

April 26, 2016

Hector Gonzalez / Tejano Tribune
La Monumental (black) is currently in second place




The Intramural Sports complex in EPCC Valle Verde gym has been hosting soccer games that are coming to a close with playoffs for the championship game. 


Chile, Betel, Real Madrid, and Holanda are the qualified for the Tuesday League. 


For the Thursday League: La Monumental, Veteranos, Mexicanos, and Manchester United are in first places. 


“We are very excited to play the next stage of this tournament. We enter our second league and try to give the best for what follows,” said David Zuñiga, La Monumental’s captain team.


One of the surprises that occurred at the last week of games was on Thursday’s League, when Los Veteranos needed to win a game against Los Mexicanos. 


The first time those team saw their faces, Mexicanos won by a convincing score.


The situation was strange because one of Mexicanos players did not show up on time, so the refferee gave the option to the Veteranos: for the future game, they could have 2 goals ahead and play the game, or win by default. 


Veteranos decided to take two points needed to be beat Los Angeles Azules. Los Angeles did not show up to their match, and lost a point. 


Veterans take the advantage and scored in a completely miraculous way. Enrique Bañuelos said after the elimination of Angeles Azules,


“We were out of this tournament about a week, but we will put all our efforts and courage to play the next game. Bethel and the other teams in the league on Tuesdays are strong and we must not become complacent.”


In Tuesdays League, the rate of four teams was without mishap. Bethel and Chile were always ahead of their tournament, so they had no concerns. 


Furthermore, the Holanda team and Real Madrid struggled until their penultimate match.


The quarterfinal matches of the school tournament are:


Chile vs. La Monumental – April 26, 2016. 6:30p.m.


Los Veteranos vs. Betel  - April 26, 2016 7:30p.m.


Los Mexicanos vs. Real Madrid – April 28, 2016 6:30p.m.


Holanda vs. Manchester United – April 28, 2016 7:30p.m.


The last four teams will play on May 3 to know which are going to play at the super final on Wednesday 4 at 6:30 p.m. The events are completely free, and everybody is welcome at the El Paso Community College

Intramural Sports Complex inside the Gym building. 

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