Does Queen B slay or get eliminated?

April 26, 2016

Lemonade album atwork.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, which is exactly what Beyonce has done on her latest visual album titled LEMONADE.  


Through avante garde performance art therapy sessions mixed with spoken word theatrics over trap beats Beyonce connects the world to black woman. 


From the use of samples of Malcom X, using possibly her real life marriage or the previous relationships of her mother and father, as well as using Somali-British poet Warsan Shire’s verse of For Women Who Are Difficult to Love to link all the videos from one song till another to deliver a strong message about black woman and woman all together.


It is powerful noticing all the different spectrums displayed in the hour long special. Whether it is the full frontal assault on her marriage; along with Jay-Z, who makes an appearance without saying a word looking human instead of this god like figure that he is in the hip-hop community. 


It is also filled with cameos of celebs, Serena Williams and Zendaya, which are very public about feminism especially in the lives of the African American community. 


One of the most powerful moments, which can give someone chills is when after the song, “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” which portrays everyday black women from working class communities who are put aside, undervalued, or ignored in our culture. 


What makes it so powerful is the fact that this whole visual is being played it has the audio of Malcolm X’s 1962 speech, Who Taught You to Hate Yourself: “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. 


The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”


It foreshadows the most powerful moment, which depicts the mothers of the Black Lives Matter movement holding portraits of their dead sons: there is Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Leslie McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin. 


That’s not even including her tackle on themes throughout the album; she’s displayed these themes of love, lust, desire, betrayal, pain and empowerment but never with so much boldness and maturity.  


If you have time check out the visual album, her second to date, it’s amazing and it makes you humble if you’ve fallen in the line of not being faithful to bae. 


But the way Queen B dropped her sixth studio album is game changing again just like when she dropped her surprise album out of nowhere. 


So let’s go to the album.


Beyonce opens up the album with the track, “Pray You Catch Me,” the track is all about dishonesty and how she knows she is being played with but she’s the master at this game of chess. 


Along with the hopes that her lover catches her and notices her suspicion and hurt of what he’s putting her through, peep this lyric which is the most real you can get without so being indirect, “You can taste the dishonesty It’s all over your breath as you pass it off so cavalier but even that’s a test constantly aware of it all my lonely ear pressed against the walls of your world.”


“Hold Up” which could arguably be the song of the summer has all the island vibes that artist have been toying with such as Drake, Rhianna, and Justin Bieber, except Beyonce’s “Hold Up” is more of an attack on her husband questioning where his loyalties lie, even if it means her losing her sanity. 


Which makes some questioning; is she’s jealous or crazy?  


“Don’t Hurt Yourself” features Jack White on the guitar, with distorted rock ‘n’ roll vocals.


Which captures the spirit of aggressiveness of Bey which she ends the song with this epic ultimatum, “Uh, this your final warning you know I give you life if you try this shit again you gon lose your wife.”


“Sorry” which holds the theme of a break-up anthem but Beyonce isn’t even worried about her problematic ex anymore.


She seems sure she won’t be accepting any apologies anytime soon: instead offering to hit up the side chick Becky instead of trying to come back to her, “better call Becky with the good hair.”


“6 Inch” featuring the Weeknd, is an ode to hard-working women and to keep on their grind making their money.


The imagery and use of heels as a symbol of power and success and that woman should flaunt it and not be ashamed of it.


“Daddy Lessons” is actually a country ballad by Queen B, referencing her Texas roots.


On this track she explores the theme of similarities between fathers and husbands. Beyonce questions if she can forgive her father and all his infidelity to Tina Knowles, can she possibly forgive her husband?


“Love Drought” takes Lemonade through its first stage of love songs.

“Sandcastles” is a ballad that features Beyonce’s vocals that are wounded but are hopeful.


The song is a metaphor for the marriage she’s in and the reality of it all being tested through so many obstacles. Beyonce comes to terms with it and questions what comes next in this relationship.


This is where the god MC, Jay-Z looks human and vulnerable in the visual album. The imagery along with the song is a glimpse of what this couple has to go through the road of forgiveness.


“Forward” features James Blake and makes you question why this song isn’t longer?


“Freedom” features Kendrick Lamar which features two artists who’ve spoken decisively and powerfully about blackness in America.


This collaboration is very fitting of the two, easily a motivational song that can get you through the tough times or just to channel it for motivation. The track is very well done by both artists, easily top three on the album.


“All Night” is the second song before Lemonade comes to a close. The sampling of Outkast’s horns from “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” is everything mixed with vocals from Queen B coming to terms how much she’s missed her love no matter how much disappointment and pain experienced but yet was able to come out the other side determined to keep this love going.


The album closes out with the single “Formation” which in itself was receiving so much controversy from when she initially dropped it during Super Bowl weekend.


Beyonce got all the ladies attention when she ordered them to line up in formation and started tackling all the insecurities of black women.


She slayed, delivered some of her best work to this date. Queen Bey is still queen.


After premiering the visual album on HBO on Saturday night, immediately afterwards the album was available on TIDAL for streaming and purchase.


As of Monday morning it is available on iTunes, but it will only be streamed on TIDAL.


Off topic but Hova, Jay-Z, Jigga man, you my dude but Shawn Carter, Beyonce dropped the best diss track to Jay-Z career; no one else can do that besides her. She slayed.


Makes you wonder did Jay really cheat on her? I mean he got smacked silly on an elevator by Beyonce’s own sister Solange, which leads me to my next question. Why’d you cheat on Beyonce?


If he did or not but makes you wonder why this approach in music and he signed off on it obviously because the album is exclusively on Tidal…Only thing is for certain I can’t wait for another Jay-z album because this is hands down some of Beyonce’s best work.

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