Dark Souls 3; Prepare to die one last time

April 26, 2016

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Invasions and summons return once again.




In this final installment of the Dark Soul’s series, once again the world is on the verge of collapse. Kingdoms are slowly being swallowed by the abyss, and the land has fallen into ruin once more. 


As one of the unkindled, you’ve been tasked with bringing those that linked the fire in the past to be used in a ritual in attempt to keep the Fire burning just a little longer. 


But these Lords of Cinder don’t plan on coming willingly, so it’s up to bring them to the fire. Dark Souls has plenty of tricks to keep both veterans, and novices on their toes through their journey through Lothric. 


Enemies have a larger variety of skills, and react better to player’s movements. Bosses now often change up their tactics mid battle to surprise players.


Also Dark Souls III borrows a bit from Bloodborne’s design by having enemies that move faster and more erratically. 


While enemies may be stronger, players will also have new skills of their own. Weapons now have new skills such as weapon arts that can be used to get the advantage over your foes. 


Weapon arts range from shield breaking to special attacks that can catch multiple opponents off guard.


Weapon upgrading, and infusing also returns. Dark Soul III features new infusion that allow for even more ways

players to build their characters. 


Weapons can be geared towards receiving more bonuses from a players stats in strength, or allow players to try out new elements without having to place points in stats that would be required for that element. For example a player won’t have to level up their intelligence if they want a decent magic weapon.


Dark Souls III’s environments shine as usual. While this game uses a darker color palette compared to its predecessor, it manages to make many areas stand out. You’ll visit areas both old, new, and familiar throughout your journey. 


The areas are well designed, and the enemy placement helps Dark Souls III avoid one the complaints about

Dark Souls II relying on placing large amounts of enemies in small areas.


There also plenty of secrets ranging from new areas to hidden bosses that could be easily missed if rushed through quickly. Dark Souls III’s Player vs Player (PVP) returns with more covenants, and more ways to help or hinder other players.


Unlike Dark Souls II, players will be able to be summoned, or invade depending on their Soul Level and how far their weapon has been upgraded. 


One of the most interesting new covenants, Mound Makers, allow for players to cause more havoc and confusion when invading or being summoned by hosts, due to their ability to attack every other player regardless of their alliance.


While the connectivity for PVP has been greatly improved, those that favored invading other player’s games may feel frustrated with the new matchmaking system. 


Dark Souls III’s matchmaking system often sends invaders to worlds where the host often has 2 or 3 other players already summoned to assist them. This leads to situations where its 4 vs 1. 


There are also a few bugs when it comes to summoning other players, such as them not being able to enter a boss battle room, leaving you to fight a stronger boss on your own. 


Overall Dark Souls III manages to retain its hold on being one of the best, and most difficult Action RPGs.


The PVP matchmaking could use some reworking. Also some users playing the PC version have reported crashes with NVidia cards and buggy controllers (most of these problems can be fixed with a simple restart, or by changing the settings).  


If you’re new to, or a veteran of the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls III is definitely worth playing. I give Dark Souls III a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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