'Butt' of course Earth Day event rousing success

April 26, 2016



Earth day was celebrated at the EPCC Valle Verde campus on Monday April 25. The event was held at the A building in the Amphitheater. 


The event had different types of activities for the community to participate in.


                     Sara M. Lopez / Tejano Tribune
Bags of ciggarette butts from all over     campus that were turned in by community    members to the Tejano S.W.A.T booth and                              in return received a t-shirt.




Mayra Cordero, who is also in charge of the recycling program, organized the Earth day evet. 


“The reason why we do this is to bring awareness about the environmental challenges that we confront and basically what is it that each one of us can do to take action to make a change.”


The Earth Day event has been going on since 2009. 


There were several organizations that were present during the event, the El Paso Electric Company gave a speech about the environment. 


The event is celebrated each year at every EPCC Campus. It happens on different days given that the organizer has to be in each one of them. 


“Each year, around 500 people show up for the Earth Day celebration at the Valle Verde campus,” said Cordero.


“If the other campuses are also counted, the number of people that show up each year goes up to a 1000 approximately.”


At the event, people brought their clothes that they don’t want anymore and they can swap them with clothes that other people bring. 


Participants that went to the celebration also brought their old electronics so that they can be recycled. 


The organizers also promoted the campus to become smoke free. There were informational tables promoting a smoke free campus where people were given more information, and were asked for signatures supporting the cause.


“You can participate in the event by picking up cigarette butts,” said Cordero. “Last year alone they picked up around 15, 000 cigarette butts.”


The biggest price of the day is a bicycle. “You can come to learn, enjoy, recycle, and at the same time you can win prizes that motivates you to continue doing the right thing for the environment,” said Mayra Cordero. 


The other prizes that participants won were stainless water bottle or a tote bag, just for attending the event. 


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