Arte Maestro promotes art from all around the community

April 26, 2016


The Arte Maestro is an event that celebrates the artful skills of teachers and administrators all across El Paso.
Artists from any district can participate, from public schools to private schools.


This event is a chance for instructors to demonstrate their art and be judged for either best in show, first, second, or third by category.


The event is funded by the Spring Arts Festival and is strictly for all art educators. 


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A panel of three judge’s debate who wins and after deliberation all the artwork is then displayed for the public viewing. 


The event has anywhere between 45-90 entries. Although, there is no cash prize or any other prize for that matter, the event is purely for the art. Victor Zavala, coordinator said,“No prizes are given.


It is all done in spirit to promote visual arts, [educators] do it knowing there is no prize money in honor of the art.” 


“It is to exhibit the creativity that teaches the youth,” said Zavala. “The art pieces can be anything from paintings, drawing, photography, ceramics, found objects 2D,

3D, and more.” 


“Profanity in the art pieces are strictly prohibited,” explained Zavala. “Nudity is only allowed for artwork purposes.”


This was the third year this event had been organized and it has been coordinated each year by Zavala who has a background in Art Education.


The event itself was created by Zavala and Steve Salazar, who is an administrator at Bowie High School. 


Although, Salazar was not able to co-coordinate the event he will be presenting his own art piece. 


“Each year, I work closely with school districts, with the art facilitators to determine the best time to allow teachers more time to submit their pieces,” said Zavala. 


“We chose the name ‘Art Maestro’ because it had a certain ring to it and it made sense... its short and sweet,” said Zavala.


“This event is open to the public and many of the artists invited their students, their family members and so on,” said Zavala.


“The benefit that I see with this event, aside from displaying the art created by educators, is the connections that can be established between different administrators,” he said.


“Which can be beneficial because a lot of the artists are teachers who teach high school and middle school, who of course, have their students starting college in El Paso Community College.” 


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