Psychology Club helps make students aware of their surroundings

April 19, 2016

Courtesy Psychology 

Guest Speaker Christine Collins partaking at the Psychology Club's event this past Friday.  


The Psychology Club held an event this past Friday, April 15 at EPCC VV in the café annex.


“The psychology club is designed to get light minded people together, support each other as students and look at options that they haven’t thought about.


The sooner you planed on it and keep a record of what you’re doing the better you’re going to be, so that’s part of the psychology club, it’s to give them heads up… psychology club is a support group,” said Drew Neal, a member of the psychology club.


Jennifer Rosales started the psychology club, while Neal has been in the club for three years, “Jennifer Rosales is a full time staff but I’m associated with this because I know the importance, when I was on graduated school we didn’t have something like this,” said Neal.


Neal, Christine Collins and Juan Ramirez were answering questions that were asked from the students.


“The purpose was to highlight the disciplinary need to be aware and cooperate with other disciplines that are not yours because you may need them in the future,” said Neal,


Once you graduate and do whatever you’re going to do, the purpose of these is to show if you work together as faculty here at EPCC, if you open up your eyes and ears to another discipline like psychology, biology, and criminal justice you can find a way to present material like we did today that’s an interest to the students we have here.”


“This event benefits to anybody who’s a learner, and that includes faculty, because I can tell you I learn all sorts of things about biology I did not know and Dr. Reyes learn a lot of things about psychology he did not know, he is better instructor now I’m a better instructor now because he and I colluded on this deal”


Neal said “this is just the beginning, we will probably teach a block of instruction in each other’s classes.”  


The event was planned and executed and students did not hesitate to participate, “I didn’t expect as many students, I was very happy that there was a lot of criminal justice stuff, there wasn’t necessarily a lot of biological stuff but I’m really happy there was a lot of people here.”


Collins, who is studying clinical forensics psychology, explained that the purpose of this event was to do a disciplinary talk to connect the different areas of the university and show how everyone can work together. 


“We talked about forensic psychological evaluation and how these different areas are impacted.”


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