Nintendo gives a sequel to gamer gate

April 19, 2016


This past weekend, Nintendo of America fired an employee by the name of Allison Rapp.


Rapp has been blamed by trolls for the censorship on certain games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fire Emblem Fates.


People went out of their way to dig deep into Rapp’s past, and found one of her college essays, in which she supports Japan’s cultural values, particularly their view on the sexualizing of teens.


Now people are calling her a pro-pedophile.


After so much time of harassment, Nintendo proceeded to terminate her.


This move is controversial, making it seem as if Nintendo did so to appease those who wanted her to be gone.


However Nintendo later stated Rapp’s termination was due to her having a second job, which is against her contract and Nintendo’s policy.


Let’s talk about censorship first. As proved by Rapp’s essay, Japan has a different culture.


While in the United States the legal age of consent ranges from 16 to 18, in Japan it’s 13.


People who are into the Japanese culture (more specifically anime and manga) are aware that young characters are often sexualized.


That doesn’t go well with American people, which is why many videogames and other forms of media.


That is understandable. Despite that, I do not agree with censorship in general.


Americans lost their innocence since a long time ago.


We can now swear on national television. Extreme violence in media has been accepted as long as it’s regulated.


Younger and younger people are learning about sex earlier than we did.


Whether this is a good or bad thing is a different debate.


Why censor videogames them for American audiences when there is a rating system?


Yes, parents. Believe it or not, all games have this thing called “rating” that tells you whether or not you can buy a game for your children.


It’s funny because people who don’t play videogames are the ones complaining about them being inappropriate.


If a game is made for a certain audience, it should be released the way it was made for who it was made.


Let’s move on to Allison Rapp and her termination.


Nintendo of America can make dumb decisions, but I don’t think they are defective enough to fire an employee, that for the record, worked on marketing, not localization, because people are upset.


I do believe Nintendo’s statement on her termination. However it is suspicious that Nintendo is not defending her against people who are still harassing her.


They have remained silent on this matter, which makes part of me believe they did fire her because people wanted.


Should she have lost her job? I don’t think so. At least not over the harassment issue.


Finally, let’s talk about trolls. The amount of effort people are willing to put on destroying someone’s life is mindboggling.


Their stupidity has no limits. The biggest question I have for them is: why?


What are they trying to prove with death and rape threats, harassment, and acts of that nature?


They are not fighting for a cause.


They do not want justice; they just want things to be done their way. Don’t have anything better to do?


Apparently searching for Allison Rapp’s personal life is crucial.


The reason this gets me angry is because all they are accomplishing is giving a bad name to gamers.


It’s people like them who make all gamers look like misogynistic, racist, antisocial, defective, violent pieces of garbage. Rapp is now fired. What has changed? Nothing.

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