The Boss, a movie that will definitely make you laugh

April 12, 2016


The Boss cam in at 23.5 million at the weekend box office.  


This movie is about Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy, a greedy and corrupted entrepreneur who is extremely wealthy and always gets her way.


But not for long when she is put in prison after being busted for insider trading.


Even though she gets the best treatment while doing her time in prison, she gets notified that she has gone bankrupt and has absolutely nothing left; she has lost her jewelry, her exotic paintings, antiques, sculptures, and her home.


Once she is released from prison, she realizes she is homeless.


With no connection with friends or family whatsoever she decides to go to Claire, her former assistant. 


Claire, played by Kristen Bell, is a single mother who lives with her daughter in a tiny cramped up apartment with no more or less of the basic needs.


As soon as Michelle goes inside her apartment to grab her office belongings that were left behind in her office, she is disgusted by what she sees.


Michelle, who is used to penthouse living, is petrified when she is introduced to this different more humble lifestyle.


 As much as Michelle hates it, she knows she has nowhere else to go and convinces Claire to let her stay; that’s where the adventure starts.


We follow Michelle’s journey from going bankrupt to building her way up with her entrepreneurial skills but with a slightly different mentality.


When she gets to interact more with Claire and her daughter’s “down to earth” lifestyle is when she changes her thought process.


This comedy is a great movie because it is a movie that we all could relate to, such as first date issues concerning on what to wear on a first date, emotional issues concerning someone’s past and how it affects them in the future, and of course unexpected issues, such as being one day financially stable and the next day not.


Keep in mind this movie is rated R. This movie has periodic scenes with bad language, some vulgar jokes, and few inappropriate scenes.


It is a great movie to watch for a fun date, but wouldn’t suggest watching it for a family night out.


Overall there was a great performance from Mellissa McCarthy, always giving that similar funny, outrageous character, but we get to see a more vulgar ruthless “wolf of wall street” type performance on this one.


In conclusion, I give this movie a 2.5 out of 5 stars.




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