Working with the negatives to get a better picture

April 5, 2016


When I started my senior year of High School, I had my heart sent on the Art Institutes of Denver or Austin.


I even had Santa Fe University of Art and Design as a back-up plan.


Back then, I had no idea about public v. private education. I thought I could go anywhere I wanted and Financial Aid would cover the cost.


Once acceptance letters poured in and their awards letters did not match with the tuition cost I started getting stumped and discouraged.


If I could not get into those private art colleges because of money, I just was not going to start college until I had enough money to go there.


I was determined to get a job or two or however many to save money to go to Art school.


At the time, I was living with my grandma and she is the one who forced me the most to apply for EPCC and at least start here.


I am so glad she forced me to come here, at 18 years old I had no concept of college had to offer.


Even though this is a community college, I feel as if it is a great transition from high school to college.


If I had gone straight to a four year college or the private art school, I feel as if I would have been so lost and unaware of myself.


I made mistakes during my first semester here, I thought I was going to be in the medical field for my career.


Until I knew good and well that that was not the area for me.


I dropped those classes and focused on my photography and journalism degree. From then on things just have been going up-hill.


I would work with the newspaper; one semester focusing on photography, and the other semester I focused on my writing.


This semester I am the editor now! My hard work paid off and I have never felt more aware of who I am and what talents I have to use until the day I die.


I do not feel as if I wasted time or anything because I still started here and had that time to figure myself out.


I am glad I had that time to make that one mistake and from then on focus on my true self.


I would just advise high school seniors to take the time to realize that, do they honestly know what they want to do for the rest of their life.


Do you really know what you want to invest time and money in yourself at 16/17/18 years old? I did not.


I know it is cliché, but EPCC was the best place to start for me. Although, everyone is different.

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