April 5, 2016

Courtesy SUPERHOT 

Even though the action is slow in motion, the action still feels tense in SUPERHOT.


In the wave of constant First Person Shooters (FPS) games that are released every year, it is nice to see a game that does something to standout.


SUPERHOT is a FPS with bullet time mechanics which means bullets and enemies only move when you do.


You also won’t be soaking up bullets, and hiding behind cover to recover since it only takes one shot to kill you.


Playing SUPERHOT feels like playing an action movie hero fighting off a wave of henchman.


When you grab a gun out of mid-air after knocking it out of its previous owner’s hands with an 8 ball while dodging shotgun fire, and immediately taking out your enemies feels ridiculously fun.


Most weapons only have a few rounds or uses meaning that every shot counts, and that you’ll be constantly switching out for a new weapon.


While bullet time slows your enemies, it also slows your actions down. Reloading, or recovering from recoil takes up precious seconds that could mean the difference between life and death.


You’ll also need to careful when lining up shots as your bullets move in bullet time just like your enemies, so you’ll often find yourself aiming for where your enemies will be, and not where they are.


SUPERHOT also boasts a few challenge modes. Timed, and rule based challenges, such as a katana only mode adds a bit of replay value.


There’s also a few endless mode levels. The developers plan to release more content later on, and have possibly considered making a level editor.


As great as SUPERHOT is it could use some improvements.


Sometimes you’re not always sure whether or not a bullet will hit you if it looks like it’s going to the side out of your view, or slightly over your head.


The story, while creative, feels as if could have used more depth.


SUPERHOT is also very short for its price of $24.99, even with the bonus. As mentioned above, the developers plan to add free extra content for those that have bought the game, and a level editor is being considered.


Should these changes be added to SUPERHOT, it would definitely improve the game overall.


While SUPERHOT may be short, it is still worth a look. If you enjoyed games such as the Hotline Miami series, or Max Payne you might enjoy SUPERHOT.


I would suggest picking it up on when it is on sale, or when the price is lowered.


I give SUPERHOT a 3 out of 5.


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