God's Not Dead but the acting is

April 5, 2016


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If you are into controversial movies, then Harold Cronk’s 2016, “God’s Not Dead 2” is the perfect film for you


My first thought of the movie was that it would be a typical boring clique, but the movie proved to have some valid points.


This movie is revolved around Grace Wesley, played by Melissa Joan Hart, a single high school teacher in her late 30’s.


After Wesley answers a question referencing to Jesus Christ in her class, the parents of a student, Brook Thawley, played by Hayley Orrantia, sue Wesley for pushing her beliefs onto their daughter.


Although Wesley’s attorney, Tom Endler, played by the attractive Jesse Metcalfe, encourages her to apologize to the school, she believes that she has done nothing wrong and stands by her statements.


Wesley is on trial because it is believed that she has violated the law that separates church and state.


While on trial, it becomes evident that Wesley has no chance to win the case, and one of the reasons appear to be because her attorney reeks of unprofessionalism.


It appears as though that Wesley may have a chance when she decides to paint Jesus Christ as a historical figure.


However, when Thawley prematurely evades the court room and is put on the witness stand, Wesley’s chances fall slim to none.


In a wild change of events, Wesley’s lawyer begins to paint her as the bad guy, and urge the jury to find her guilty.


Throughout the trial, Christian protesters, students of Wesley, and even Thawley, silently sit outside the court in support of Wesley as aggravated anti-Christians disrespectfully shout at them.


The movie paints Wesley as a devoted and loving Christian woman, who is a victim of America’s dying faith, but it seemed slightly unrealistic.


The movie attempts to follow the lives of other individuals struggling with their faith in God, but fails.


The movie was okay at best. I give this movie two out of five stars.


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