Full time student prepares for fifth upcoming comic issue

April 5, 2016

Jared Carver will be at Comic Con El Paso, April 15-16 


Comics are no joke for this vet. What started as a way to kill downtime while deployed, has now become part of a master plan.


Jared Carver, a 27-year-old fulltime student at El Paso Community College, has spent the last four years working on a comic book series titled Truth.


Carver was deployed in SE Afghanistan for 10 months, which is where the writing for the Truth comics began.


“It was just an escape, something to do on my downtime. Keep my mind occupied because its better just to not think about being there,” Carver said.

When I got back, I had a knee surgery and that’s actually when I started working on another issue because I was down for about a month.”


The only outside help for the comics, other than the Kickstarter campaign, is from the artist Francis Llamzon.


“I basically write them myself and get an artist to do the artwork based on the layout I’ve provided them,”

Carver said. “I use Kickstarter to fund the making of the comic books. I’ve made five so far. Its manga style and I’m aiming for six issues, it would be like one story arc. I feel it’s not sellable until you have six issues because then it’s like a discontinued story.”


Carver launched a Kickstarter campaign for his fifth comic issue that runs from today through April 20. It can be found under “Truth Issue 5”.


There is a lot more than just writing and funding for the Comics.


Carver said he has to deal with the business end and has to put the creative part of the project on the back


Currently he isn’t working on any stories and instead is preparing for Comic Con and the Kickstarter campaign.


“It kind of sucks because what I really like is the writing portion and the creating of the story but since it’s an [independent] comic and I don’t have a bunch of founding nor am I getting paid regularly for it, I’m also running the marketing and the advertising and trying to promote it and trying to figure out prices for [items],” Carver said.


Comic Con, taking place at the El Paso Convention Center April 15 through 17, is part of a midterm assignment Carver is currently working on for his advertising class.


Students have to get a focus group who is supposed to be the targeted audience of their campaign.


Carver plans on using surveys to find a focus group for his comics and better market his project.


Although stressful at points, Carver said the Truth comic book series is a master plan he hopes to keep alive and make part of his life.


“It’s what I like to do, it’s what I see myself doing the future. Not just like comic books but writing in general,” Carver explained.


“I know now and days you don’t just need your degree, you need to have your portfolio and show you’ve done something professional. I’m in it just for fun, I like to do it but it’s also part of a bigger plan of either selling out ort putting my name out there.”


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