EPCC Intramural Soccer Tournament kicks it up a notch

April 5, 2016

Hector Gonzalez/Tejano Tribune

Real Madrid (black) and Manchester United (red) are at the top of the Tuesday League.  


After four games of the EPCC Intramural Soccer Indoor Tournament, teams, points, and goals are moving the position table.


The table for Tuesday’s league shows us that there are competitive teams.


Betel is the only unbeaten team in both leagues. Their 12 point lead can predict that they could win the tournament.


Following Betel is Chile and Holanda with a tie of seven points.


Chile is in second place because they have one more score than Holanda.


Real Madrid has an opportunity to qualify for play-offs if they win their last two matches.


Chihuahuitas and San Pancho are saying goodbye to this tournament. San Pancho only made one point and even winning the next games is not enough to qualify.


Chihuahuitas lost all the matches and they have to start thinking about the next tournament.


On the other hand, Thursday’s league is led by two teams: Manchester United and Mexicanos.


Both teams have 10 points, and the score difference put Manchester U. in the first place.


The match between them generated controversy after the tie at the end of the match.


In third and fourth place is La Monumental and Los Angeles Azules have a tie of six points, but Veteranos need another winning game to climb in a higher position.


Joga Bonito was disqualified after not playing two games in a row. The players said that game hours and living in Juarez were reasons to not keep playing.


Real Madrid have a game against Chile on March 29. After this match, Holanda and San Poncho play for a spot to improve their standing.


Finally Chihuahuitas and Betel will play at the end of the day.


The Thursday league is suspended due to the celebrations of Cesar Chavez Day, and it will continue on April 7.  


Games are completely free and everybody can attend.

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