College hosts Pet Adoption Day at Valle Verde

April 5, 2016

Alberto Chaparro/Tejano Tribune

Sarah Al-Faleh (left) and Jonah De Leon (right) check out one of the dogs that was up for adoption.  


The Animal Rescue of Community College (ARCC) annually hosts the Pet Adoption Day and Donation Drive at EPCC Valle Verde campus.


 Along with this student organization, other organizations such as Dames for Dogs and the Animal Rescue League have participation.


The main purpose of this event was to get as many pets adopted and sent safely to a lovable home as well as gathering many donations.


ARCC is an open organization for any EPCC student to join.


The advisor for the club is Barbara Williams and the president for ARCC is currently Stephanie Schmidt.


Every year they host the Pet Adoption day and Donation drive.


“Pretty much, we try and get as many animals adopted as fast as possible so that way if there is a kill shelter they won’t kill them, and just try to find these animals a home,” said Schmidt.


They have multiple volunteers that are in this organization, “This year we have about 30 to 40 people that volunteered,” said Schmidt.


 The Dames for Dogs organization was also there at the Pet adoption day for their first time, letting students carry some of the dogs, spreading the word of their 1 year old organization, and making an impact on these dogs’ lives.


“Our mission is to save the abused, neglected, and death row dogs,” said Jen Kuiper,

We have already saved close to about 200 dogs this year, just from January to now.”


Dames for Dogs encourages people to volunteer to learn and realize the problem that is going on in El Paso.


“… People don’t realize what the problem is until they come talk to us, and then realize what the real problem is in this area,” said Kuiper.


The Animal Rescue League organization also brought a couple of their dogs that are up for adoption.

This organization has been up for over 21 years and they are a no kill shelter.


“It is important to us to try and find the right home,” said Heather Hall, participant of the organization of 18 years.


Everyone participating had the same objective in mind, “These dogs are the first and main concern, and they all started with a rough time, so getting them to a safe home is our main mission. 


Dogs being adopted and being sent to safe homes is the biggest success for all these organizations.


This event was just not about adopting but as well as spreading the information and importance of adopting an animal along with donating anything as far as blankets, towels, canned food, cleaning supplies, etc.”


These organizations do encourage for more people to be involved and volunteer.


You can contact Dames for Dogs for more information by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by phone 915-873-4877.


You can also contact the Animal Rescue league of El Paso by Facebook and as well by phone 915-877-5002.


To contact the Animal Rescue of Community College please call Barbara Williams at 915-831-3381 for more information.


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