Are phones reflecting you personally??

March 29, 2016


When it comes to conversations, the rule of thumb was you do not talk about politics or religion.


Nowadays, it seems that you have to add in the topic of phone software. People seem to associate what phone brand they use to themselves personally.


There is a bunch of “internet memes” out there that label iPhone vs. Android users comparing their personalities and lifestyle choices.


For example, “iPhone users drink more coffee than Android users.” Really? Who took the time to survey people and get that information?


I get it is meant as a joke, but it is getting ridiculous. If you just look at it from a user friendly stand point, I get it. I am pro-iPhone. It has only one button.


Although, I take into play the actually specs of it too. From that stand point, I am 100% pro-Android.


Their software and camera is just on the top of the game. Another pro is external memory for Droids.


They did try and compete with iPhone and have internal memory but it failed for them big time.


On iPhones, they have a bunch of apps that are undeletable so it takes up your internal memory.


Some apps are useful though, like the find friends one. A huge reason for people wanting Droids is the option to have the external memory.


It is my biggest reason along with the camera quality. The S7 is exceptional, with its capability to capture photos in low light is astounding.


To personalize your phones interface and lock screen is another point for Droid phones.


iPhones have stayed complacent with this feature while Droid has given us the freedom to personalize and make it unique to us.


Even in their advertisements the slogan is “Be different, not the same.” The most you can personalize iPhones are extremely sensitive, they shatter easily due to the fact of being a glass screen from top to bottom.


You can always buy an expensive life proof case or Otter Box shock proof case. It depends on the money you want to spend. Androids come water resistant already.


A hot debate is the size of phones as well, personally if it can’t fit in my pocket I will not buy that phone.

 After iPhone 6s, I will no longer upgrade to the larger phones. Although Apple just dropped a new phone called the iPhone SE, which is to counter the problem of having a huge phone.


It just boggles my mind how obsessed people are with the type of phone they have, as if it is another flashy object to add to your showing off list.


These are communication devices not a popularity contest, consumers need a phone that is manageable for the specific user.


Don’t get up caught up in the hype of new releases and celebrity endorsements. To each its own. 



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