Papagayo engages students through the art of arts

March 1, 2016

Courtesy Papagayo

The PaPaGaYo Project meets every Tuesday from 2-5 p.m. in room A125.


The PaPaGaYo Project was started by Ysella Fulton and Rick Yanez, to get students to interact within the El Paso Community College.


The PaPaGaYo Project meets every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Room A125 at the Rio Grande Campus. 

The project brings students together through literature, art and film screening workshops. 

Over the years some students have found it hard to integrate themselves into college life and activities. The PaPaGaYo Project was created about a decade ago to help students interact more with their colleagues.

“The purpose of the PaPaGaYo Project is to enrich student’s lives academically, socially and culturally.” Said Jorge Gomez, the advisor of the PaPaGaYo Project, “the program also promotes literacy, creative writing, film, philosophy and art.”

I think the program benefits the students, it encourages them to learn and relax but also socialize and have fun.”

Students and faculty involved in this project donate their time to helping people in the community. 

For example, last semester they visited one of the local hospitals and passed out candy to children on Halloween.


Around Christmas time, the PaPaGaYo members visited South West Keys in downtown El Paso, to donate toys to the children that were undocumented immigrants from Guatemala awaiting trial.

“Watching the students learn and grow is my favorite part of this program.” Said Gomez.

Jessica Helton, a student at EPCC who is involved with the project, said “The vast range of people that you meet, they help you feel comfortable in the program, and the discussions are very interesting.” 

The PaPaGaYo Project has workshops on literature, film screening and philosophy. 

They also host poetry slams as well  book reviews and movie discussions. 

On Feb. 16, the PaPaGaYo Project hosted a Deadpool presentation and discussion. 

To get involved, visit their Facebook page “The PaPaGaYo Project.”

 The PaPaGaYo Project meets every Tuesday from 2-5 p.m. in room A125 at the Valle Verde Campus. 

The PaPaGaYo Project isn’t just open to students, this program is open to the entire El Paso community with no membership fees. 

Students involved with the PaPaGaYo Project can earn service credit hours. 


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