Empty offices allow restroom renovations

March 1, 2016

Raul garcia/ tejano tribune

Old Dean's offices in the A building have now been relocated to the "M" building. 


During a regular day of instruction, the A Building restrooms are heavily used which lead to lines of students. 

“The A Building was built in 1976 and, of course, since then our number of students has increased. It is now time to expand our restrooms to meet the demand of our student population," said Campus Dean Dr. Jaime Farias. 

“In the long run it’s going to be much better for everyone, the fact is the restrooms were built for a fewer number of students. I think it’s a good thing, I mean it was about time, we needed it. You know how crowded it gets and it gets very difficult to maintain.”

Both the first and second floor restrooms will receive upgrades. 

The eight restrooms will be renovated with new tile, new toilets, new urinals, new sinks, new fixtures, and wider stalls. 

We will also see the addition of family restrooms, “A lot of the focus for this project was students with disabilities, and families,” said Farias. 

“As an example, the women’s restroom located next to A2424, shows an expansion from three stalls to six in the current blueprints, although the final design is not yet set. The exact design is to be coming in the future.”

Construction is set to begin in June and will be completed in phases so it will be difficult to predict the completion timeline. 

“We always want to give room for error, so the hope is to start in the summer and we’re shooting for the completion at the end of summer but no later than next Spring,” said Farias.

 The areas that will be under construction first will be those that will not directly impact any program.


“My former office, Dean Susana Rodante’s former office and Dean Tonie Badillo’s former office – those three corners will likely get worked on first. Then down where the transfer center is and then finally the places that will affect programs.The point is to try to have the least amount of disturbance as possible,” explained Farias.

The programs that could be affected would be the Prep Lab, the Writing Center and the tutoring area, but the logistics are currently in the process of completion and once further information is available, it will be shared.

“We will see a lot of major construction on this campus within the next couple of years. 

"In the next few weeks you see the construction begin for the Architectural Building which will be located between the A building and the Student Services Building”, Dr. Farias concluded.  

The evolution of our campus reflects the growth and development of our community.  


The changes we can expect will be necessary to ensure the advancement of our campus.


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