Do people even write letters anymore?

March 1, 2016


Do people even write letter anymore? Send postcards? Christmas or any holiday cards? It's a dying field in this area, let's be honest.


I know people still send important papers like transcripts or bills, unless you went paperless. But I really miss that about people.


How this one thing is so simple and more personal, yet it's not efficient enough for us in this time.


There's now emails, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and everything else. Which gets out news faster and on a broader field.


You don't have to individually send out thank you letters, birthday letters, party invitations or even wedding announcements. It's crazy!


I, maybe because of my writer habits, love writing letters.


I wish I had more time to do it, but that goes back to my other reasons of why it's dying.


You always have to buy stamps, drop off your letter at the post office and drive home.


Unless if you know what you're doing, you can send them from the mailbox in your neighborhood or the one in front of your house.


To me, it's just such a simple but loving gesture. When someone actually takes the time to sit and write down what they want to tell you in that moment; it's just so wonderful to me.


I won't lie, this is partially influenced by my dad; he's a letter carrier so I was always exposed to that.


I still love the idea of writing letters though. I'm hopefully going to be transferring to UT this fall and you better believe I will be writing monthly letters to my friends and family here.


Postcards seem like the most simple form of letting someone know you were thinking about them.


When I traveled with family and it was a trip my parents did not go on with us, I would always ask if I can send a postcard to my parents.


The cool thing for me is that it was stamped by that out of state post office and it has the date and the city and state on it too. It is a time stamp basically. 

At that moment in time the memory was documented for me and was shared personally to my parents.


I guess people can argue that I sound out dated and should get with the times, but I'm old fashion.


I like to do things that take a little more effort to show my love and that I cared.


It even irritates me how it's a thing to be "Facebook official" like what?! 

What does that even mean. I strongly believe in the phrase "it is the thought that counts."

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