College hosts opportunity to vote early

March 1, 2016


Tom Rios, an early voting judge and an election judge, took the chance this past Friday at EPCC Valle Verde campus to give people and students the opportunity to vote early.

“Election days gets overwhelming and this is a big opportunity for students and people to feel relieve when Election Day comes,” said Rios. 

“On Election Day they don’t use computers and the advantage of early voting is that we use computers.



It’s more convenient because we go to different places and there is the chance that more people can come and vote.” 

“Early voting started two years ago and by state law we start 10 days before Election Day and what it means to me is that is less stressful than on Election Day,” said Rios.

Early voting period will be from Feb. 16 – Feb. 26. To see more details visit the web page

“It is important because you have more chance to vote because they go to different places and it makes me feel calmer,” said Jessica Fuentes, a community member who took advantage of the early voting. “It is my second time voting, but early voting for me means less stress.” 

Francisco Sanchez, a student at EPCC, said “It’s the same thing if I vote at early voting or at Election Day. It’s only a vote, I don’t think it is going to change.”

“I don’t see the point of early voting in this state, a state in which asks their population to show a state ID,” said Alfredo Luna, a student at EPCC. 

“It might sound ridiculous to some people but for other people it’s hard to get an ID without the proper documentation. Its important part of the political contributions this country makes to select their future president. 

"Yet with demands to the people of an ID, I don’t see the point of telling people to vote, our vote should be a right and not something we need to show an ID to vote.”

Tommy Faircloth, EPCC  student, said “Early voting to me doesn’t mean anything at all because I don’t vote. 
I’m not going to vote because I don’t want any of them office; one is a criminal, one thinks everything should be free and one thinks that building a wall will stop immigration.”



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