Are college textbooks too much to afford?

March 1, 2016


We all know that as college students some things are not affordable.


One of those things are the college textbooks. 

We spend an incredible amount of money in textbooks, some of which we will never use.


And let’s face it, spending money on textbooks isn’t as appealing as spending it on clothes or video games. 

But, we are all taking classes and those classes require textbooks.


Some instructors will be kind enough to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to buy the book. 


Then there are those classes were you have to buy the book, not even rent it, but actually buy it. 

Sadly those are the most expensive textbooks, some of them have this special access code that you need if you want to turn in the assignments. 

As I mentioned, you can rent textbooks, not only in the college library, but also in certain internet websites. 

There is this website that I became recently acquainted with, and I’m sure you have heard of it.


The name of this website is Chegg. 

You can rent your textbook, buy the e-textbook, or buy the hard copy. You can even sell your textbooks there and find tutors. 

Even if you manage to rent the textbooks that you need, you are still going to pay a lot for them. 

This semester I spent around 200 dollars on textbooks, and if you were wondering, yes I rented some of them. 

Then there is another issue, some of us don’t have financial aid. Which makes it more difficult for us to actually afford the textbooks. 

Some students struggle to pay the tuition, let alone pay for the textbooks. 

For those who have financial aid, I’m sure they have other things to pay besides the overpriced textbooks. 

Students in many other universities complain about the price of the textbooks too.


I have friends in UTEP that also see this as a problem. 

You can also see on Facebook what college students think about the expensive textbooks.


At the beginning of the semester, most of us realized the price of the textbooks. 

I don’t know about you, but I almost had a heart attack seeing those prices. 

You never expect that a textbook could be that high-priced. 

I remember my sister telling me how college textbooks were really expensive. This was about 7 years ago and I always thought that she was exaggerating. 

Now I know that there was nothing excessive about what she told me.


I don’t know if there is something we can do as college students to solve this problem. 

Maybe colleges could offer us some discounts or even the websites. Either way college textbooks are really expensive. 

Right now there is nothing we can do about it, we have two options; we either buy them or rent them. 

So lets just hope for the best. 

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