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February 23, 2016


Time after time we are told to speak up for ourselves and to take action. 

Time after time we are slapped in the face.

People who get sexually assaulted, rape, molested and/or sexually harassed have a choice to make; speak up and challenge the process or stay quiet and deal with it in your own way.

It is apparent to me that it does not matter who you are, how much money you make, or how many Instagram followers you have, you can still be a victim of assault. 


Ke$ha is our most recent proof of this. 



She is in a contract with Sony. 

Lets start from 2005:  Dr. Luke discovers an 18-year-old Ke$ha and signs her to a record deal on his label, Kemosabe Entertainment. 

2008: Kesha gets her big break. Dr. Luke uses her vocals on Flo Rida’s song “Right Round,” though he does not credit her on the song. 

Kesha claims she has still never been compensated for it. 

2010: Kesha releases album “Animal” under Dr. Luke’s label. 

2012: The pop star releases album “Warrior” under Dr. Luke’s label. 

2014: Kesha checks into rehab in January for her eating disorder.

Her mother, Pebe Sebert, later says that the pop star almost died from low blood pressure and sodium. 

Later, Kesha and her mother will claim that the eating disorder was partially caused by Dr. Luke, and that he once called Kesha a “fat f**king refrigerator.” 

In Oct. 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, alleging he abused her for nearly 10 years. 

The lawsuit states: “Dr. Luke abused Ms. Sebert in order to destroy her self-confidence, self-image and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career.” 

In the same month, Dr. Luke came back and hit Kesha with a countersuit, claiming she and her mother made up the allegations in order to get out of an exclusive contract with him. 

The filing claims that the pop star and her mother are trying to extort Dr. Luke into releasing Kesha from her exclusive recording agreement with him. 

2016: In February, Kesha goes to court and her attorney, Mark Geragos, argues that it was Dr. Luke’s “end game to destroy her” and files an injunction for Kesha to be released from her contract, saying that Sony is not likely to support Kesha after her controversy with Dr. Luke, saying, “They are setting her up to fail.”

It seems like to me, Kesha makes too much money for them to let her out of contract. 
Money runs this world.

Of course there is always multiple sides to every story, but at least she spoke up about whatevers going on. 

Obviously, evidence needs to be there but maybe there should be some type of  system for people who come forward with or without evidence. 

Maybe a onetime therapy session or some type of support group. 

I would want this information at least suggested to me and then the choice left up to me.

This is just one of those touchy topic and everyone and anyone can relate. 

This type of harassment or assault does not discriminate and it is not a stereotype. 

People can make all the charts and fact sheets and polls they want, but I know it can happen to any human being. 

I feel sympathy for those who never speak up and don’t get help. 

I could rant all day long and fill up this whole newspaper with my opinion but nothing will change unless we go out and do something about it. 

We can start at home with our kids and family members. 

Educate everyone on what to do in these situations and educate on how not to be an assaulter. 

It does not matter what anyone wears or lack of or how their makeup looks, that does not mean they are “asking for it.” 

There is one thing you need to have in order to be involved with anyone sexually, you cannot buy it, that’s consent.  

Consent: If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Take the pledge to help stop sexual assault at 

In El Paso, there is the Center for Sexual and Family Violence. 

They have, but are not limited to, crisis intervention, hospital accompaniment, safety planning and long term care. 

For further information, you can contact Virginia Rueda, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator, at 
915-593-1000, ext. 518, or email her at 

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