Is Star Wars too big for its own good?

February 23, 2016


With the force awakens just recently coming out, I had seen a lot of click bait titles for not-so-known Star Wars facts.


I ended up digging into this trivia and what I found was such an expansive universe that I felt it was unnecessary at times. 


Now before I lose almost all the readers, I want to just say that I love Star Wars as much as the next person but it’s always good to take a step back and really see what this series has to offer.



When I talk about the Star Wars movies I specifically mean: Episode 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7.
Star Wars has what is now called the ‘legend series’ which are books and comics that took place before and after all the movies. 


Then we have the video game series that also take place before, between and after the movies. 


Then we have the TV shows that take place between and after the movies.


Finally we have movies that take place between the main movies.


Now this is a lot of Star Wars and you may be thinking to yourself why would anyone need this much Star Wars? 


Well to be truthfully honest not everyone does but what happens is now we have a film series that has an expanded universe that will feel as real as a normal world. 


How about content? Well surprisingly enough when you give the Star Wars universe to other people to write about it you actually get good work.


A lot of people love these spin-offs because they are so well written and so well done. 


As much of a blessing as that may be it might also be a hindrance.


Now we have all this extra content that is so well written that we begin to set standards for how the Star Wars movies are supposed to be.


Then when you go back and watch the original movies, the originals seem sub-par to all the other work that was made off the source material.

What this then comes down to is, sometimes, much better spin-offs than original movies and I

feel that begins to hurt Star Wars. 

Maybe we don’t need to know what Darth Vader’s suit has a serial number, maybe it’s better not to know that Emperor Palpatine has a surgical reconstruction center named after him.


Maybe it’s unnecessary to know that Jabba the hut has children. 


But if it does help you have a deeper respect for the Star Wars lore then that’s no problem.


It just seems to me that there is too much going on in Movie universe.

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