Firefighter technology program available at El Paso Community College

February 23, 2016

 Alexander Vanhorne/ Tejano Tribune

Cesar Rodriguez going through the proper procedure of ladder training.


The men, women and instructors training to become firefighters for 4 to 8 hours a day, 4 weeks into their training and they were slowly but surely getting better at their safety and team procedures. 

The men and women would ask their instructor a lot of questions, following orders to ensuring self-discipline that would help their survival and success on the job and in training. 

Faculty member Frank Lujan stated “I have been with the college for 11 years a lot of the personalities changes the program so there’s a big difference in maturity between the different students.”

Instructors gave a lot of information on the program. This course at this location is 16 weeks which is a standard college course semester. 

From there they help these individuals to work for the different locations around El Paso. 

At the start of their job outside of training they proceed to start there following last 10 weeks of training at their fire units. 

Once these ladies and gentlemen finish their training the average income starts off at 30,000 dollars a year.

EPCC Fire Tech students have a sense of pride which keeps them motivated.

“I’m currently in my senior year in high school and I’ve always wanted to be a fireman,” student Cesar Rodriguez said.

The uniform themselves weigh about 50 pounds. “We have to drink two gallons of water a day to help us prevent dehydration.” Said Rodriguez, “We only get breaks every two hours.”

The fires they will have to someday run into is something this group of men and women cannot avoid. 

“The students will have the chance to be hired by the El Paso community.” Said Lujan, “We have had some students go to different locations such as Austin or San Antonio. Some locations don’t have the financing to send personnel to training that’s what is good about this program.” 

For further information contact 831-3376.


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