They took our jobs! Well thanks, Technology!

February 16, 2016


Some would argue that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans and hurting the national economy by not paying taxes on their earnings.


Others might say that with more people, there would be more needs, which would lead to more jobs being created to meet the demands of a larger population.  


The topic of immigration and its effects on the American economy is a very controversial one but not the topic of this article.  


While it is important for us as a nation to solve the immigration issue, the real job thief is on a crime spree here at home and abroad.


I am talking about the robots.  


At the movie theater, I noticed that instead of a ticket salesperson standing behind glass with a little hole to talk through, there were several machines that dispensed tickets in exchange for cash or cards.  


Several grocery stores have incorporated self-check-out lanes, eliminating the need for cashiers or bag boys.


At Chili’s, I noticed they have installed tablets at every table that customers can use to order and pay through.  


In doing so, these companies have reduced the tasks delegated to their employees, therefore making it possible to have less of them.


Even the government has outsourced some jobs to robots.  Red light cameras, anyone?


Besides the benefit of increasing convenience for their customers, businesses that use these machines are saving a lot of money.  


For example, compare the cost of installing and maintaining several computer screens to a minimum wage workers salary and/or benefits.  


Also, machines don’t take sick days, request time off, maternity leave, sue their employer, steal, or ask for raises.  


The process of phasing out a human workforce has been long in the making, the vehicle manufacturing industry and various phone help lines being earlier examples.


An article in 2011 by NBC warns that based on existing technology, the following jobs could be taken over by robots: pharmacist, paralegal, drivers, astronaut, store clerk, soldier, rescuer.
 sportswriter, and even babysitter.


As humans continue to enhance technology and automate more complex tasks, we will notice our role and possibly even our own existence in the workforce diminish.


It’s not all fire and brimstone though, as long as humanity sticks together to make sure our fellow man is taken care of before everything is automated.


With new technology being generated so rapidly, this issue is something that will undoubtedly begin to affect the millennial generation workforce over the next few decades.


Of course, certain jobs are more at risk than others so choose your majors wisely Tejanos.  

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