Things happen for a reason...

February 9, 2016


I never thought that my life would go down this path. I always knew I wanted to be affiliated in the Arts department, but never did I believe it would be in the writing area of it.


In grade school, they would always give out awards at the end of each year and in the third or fourth grade I was awarded with the “writer’s award”.


It did not really get me to thinking about becoming a writer or photographer. I stuck with my love for theatre.


As time went on did not feel as satisfied with theatre arts anymore and during my junior year of high school I took a journalism 1 class.


After about two weeks, I asked to join the yearbook and newspaper class. Next thing you know, my senior of high school I was chosen to be chief of photography.


I always think back about that experience of winning the writers award. If my teacher had never given me that award, would I be in this position I am today?


It was an amazing experience being Chief of Photography and I feel it has prepared me for where I am today; Editor of the El Paso Community College newspaper.


I did not expect to be here, considering I graduate this semester.


Although, I feel it will be a great learning experience and can only help mold me into a better writer, photographer and leader.


I plan to transfer to a university to further my education in sport journalism to reach my dream career goal of being a sports photographer. I also want to be a high school journalism teacher.


My high school journalism/yearbook teacher is my inspiration for that along with the professors here at EPCC.


Truly inspiring Communication teachers we have here. I am hoping this opportunity will help me figure out more about myself and how to interact with people in this field.


I believe teachers are underrated to a certain extent, in reality school is the second place we spend most of our time growing up.


Teachers are practically raising us and helping influence our lives. Now let me explain, anyone and everything can influence your life. It is dependent on you if you let it determine your actions.


At the end of the day, you are making you decisions. I decided before going on winter break to take advantage of this opportunity. 


My name is Sara M. Lopez and I am pleased to be he editor of this newspaper for the spring semester of 2016.

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