Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

February 9, 2016


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen has been recently ported to the PC. The port comes with all the content released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 minus the Berserk armor due to licensing issues. 



Courtesy Dragon's Dogma

Having a well rounded party will help in your travels  around the land of Gransys.




Also as a bonus the game can now run at 60 Frames per second (FPS), and a higher resolution than its past console releases that struggled to stay at a decent frame rate.


One of the things that stands out the most about Dragon’s Dogma are the pawns. 


Pawns act as companions on your quest that you can hire, or personally create. The pawn you create, or any pawn you summon to you will learn as you travel around the world of Gransys. 


Pawns will learn how to fight monsters, what items to gather, and which actions to take based on your actions. You can even train your pawns by using the same class as them, and they’ll do their best to emulate your playstyle.


Like most RPGs, Dragon’s Dogma offers a variety of classes for you and your pawn to pick from. While you start with basic classes at first, you’ll gain access to more powerful classes as you progress. 


You can go from being a fighter to an assassin to a warrior, or you can start as a mage and become a sorcerer or magic knight. All 9 classes offer a dynamic set of skills for tackling the foes you’ll encounter along the way.


Unlike most western RPG’s, such as Skyrim, Dragon Age combat takes priority over the other elements in this RPG.


As you level up in your class, you’ll have the ability to purchase new moves, and spells that will dynamically affect how you and your pawns fight in battle. 


Moves and spells vary from offensive, to defensive and supportive allowing you to plan and prepare for upcoming battles. Dragon’s Dogma combat also allows you to climb upon some of the larger monster’s roaming the land.


Climbing on a monster can allow you to easily access their weak points or disable certain limbs of a monster. 


The most impressive feature in Dragon’s Dogma is how enemy’s react to being hit in certain places or with different types of magic. Where you attack an enemy can have a dynamic effect in battle.


For example cutting off a lizard’s tail so that it loses its balance and becomes unable to wield a weapon, or hacking away at a Cyclops’s hand to make him drop his club. 


Magic can be used to knock flying enemies to the ground and prevent them from flying. Some enemies that you approach later on will attempt to counter, or better arm themselves against your attacks. 


This can range from monsters stopping, dropping, and rolling if they catch fire, or wearing more armor that you’ll have to break before you can dish out some damage.


The story can feel a little weak at times until it picks up past the halfway point.


Also as smart as the pawns are they can still mess up, or do more harm than good. 


Also while the world feels alive, and unique thanks to its monsters and gorgeous scenery, there are some areas that feel empty. 


If you’re looking for a more combat oriented RPG or a fan of games such as Monster Hunter, Dragon’s Dogma may just have what you’re looking for.

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