College appoints familiar face as Accounting VP

February 9, 2016


With over 20 years of experience of working with the college, The Financial and Administrative Operations at EPCC welcome a familiar face. 


Josette Shaughnessy, CPA was named the vice president of Financial and Administrative Operations at EPCC, an interim position she has held since March 2015. 



Courtesy VP Office

Josette Shaughnessy has 2 decades of college accounting expience and more than 10 years teaching at EPCC.



“When I earned my associate’s degree in accounting that I would even work for the college [EPCC] and become vice president one day,” Shaughnessy said.





The newly appointed VP received her associate’s degree in accounting from EPCC in 1981, her bachelor of business administration in accounting and a master of accountancy from UTEP in 1983 and 1995 respectively.


“EPCC has a very special place in my heart because this is where I started my college education,”


Shaughnessy said. “I’ve been the associate’s vice president since 1995 so I’ve had a long history of administrative experience here at the college and I do feel ready for the challenges this position brings.


I don’t feel nervous other than knowing it is a lot of work and new challenges for me but like I said, my administrative experience with the college has prepared me for this job, so I feel ready.”


Shaughnessy began working at EPCC in 1991 as an accountant and was promoted to associate comptroller in 1992 and then comptroller in 1993. 


In 1995, she was appointed to the position of associate vice president.


In the more than two decades of working with the college, Shaughnessy said she has seen the EPCC grow and keep their visions. 


“I’ve been growing along with EPCC and it has changed tremendously over the years. We’ve always been committed to providing quality education to our students and continued national recognition is prove of that but we are making significant efforts to reach out to everyone to get an education whether it is at El Paso community college or the students choice,” Shaughnessy said. 


“I feel like since I’ve been here I have seen long-term commitment to student success and maybe that’s where I see most of the growth here.” 


Shaughnessy said she was also an accounting professor here at EPCC from 2002 through 2013, a period she enjoyed. 


Although her new schedule doesn’t allow time for teaching she said “If I could, I would.”


Shaughnessy plans on using her experience with teaching and accounting to ensure resources for the students.


“Every VP has their own way managing and of course handling affairs. I can tell you that I’m committed to ensure continued financial stability and that we are responsible to proving public founds and provide the necessary resources for our students to be successful and achieving their educational goals so that’s probably the message as the vice president for finance that I would want to leave,” Shaughnessy said. 


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