Pathologic HD a cult classic returns

December 1, 2015


There is disease coming to town, unlike any other disease. Wherever it goes, it covers the walls in a mold that resembles bloody ichors; a green fog covers the area. 



Courtesy pathologic
One of the first plague infected houses you'll encounter in Pathologic HD




It spreads faster and faster with each day, wreaking havoc on the town.


The disease can be even seen physically traveling, often taking the form of a cloud of faces in agony or red swirling angels at its worst. 


You will spend the next 12 days fighting, but mostly trying to survive the plague.


Pathologic is an adventure survival horror game where you’ll play as one of three characters: Bachelor, a doctor that’s hoping to find an end to man’s final enemy; Butcher, a man that has been accused of murdering his father; and Changeling, a woman that makes miracles at a cost.


You will spend twelve days in an odd town with no escape, as it is ravaged by plague. 


With each character, you will not only worry about your own survival, but also several people that are important to each characters success. 


As the days progress, surviving will become more difficult. 


After the first day, prices for food and medicine will multiply by 10 and only continue to rise. 


The plague will become more and more prevalent as quests are completed.


After a few days in game, I found myself searching through trash cans, even breaking in homes, for something to sell.


At the beginning of the game I tried to help others by taking out thieves, or euthanizing those dying painfully from the plague, but as the plague escalated, I slowly found myself helping less, only focusing on my survival.


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