Your way does not apply on the highway

October 27, 2015


If it weren’t for road rage, hundreds of people, including 4-year-old Lilly Garcia, would still be with us today. 

Driving or riding in a vehicle is already one of the most dangerous activities we take part of in our daily lives. 

Add a gun and a few angry gestures and you could be looking at a murder case. 

Last week Lilly Garcia was fatally shot while her father drove in Albuquerque after a confrontation with another driver. 

Both her father, Allan Garcia and the shooter, Tony Torrez, had been cutting each other off on Interstate 40.

What really grabbed my attention in this case was how often and common road rage related accidents really are. 

Everyone who is currently driving or learning how to, will sadly face some kind of road rage in their future.
The problem is that road rage is becoming more “accepted” and normal to drivers. 
Because driving is so common, we forget all the dangers that come with it.

One thing contributing to this is that we feel anonymous inside our car, therefore act upon a different way than we would normally do if we were in another situation. 

Even if we have a friend or relative in the car, those driving around us don’t know us personally so we tend to not care too much about what we do on the road.

Although exchanging a few cuss words, which the other driver can’t hear, and using the middle finger seems harmless, you don’t know how the other driver will take it.

It is important to not be selfish on the road. When we take part in road rage, we put not only our life in danger but also those around us. 

According to, some of the best ways to prevent accidents on the road is to plan your ride ahead of time, and be prepared for delays or accidents holding back traffic. 

Be alert, give your driving your full attention. And don’t take your frustration out on other drivers, most of the time the problem is ones’ fault.

Also, remember that driving is not a contest. It is not about winning. Realize that you cannot control the drivers around you. 

The only thing you can really do is control the way you react to reckless drivers. 
Remember, aside from saving you a lot of time and money, preventing and avoiding road rage could save a life. 

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