With all these singles, why not mingle?

October 20, 2015


The 2015 Adult Swim Singles program just ended and there are some good picks. For those who are unsure about this show, Adult Swim is a small part of the Cartoon Network that shows “adult content” that’s suitable for TV. Shows like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” “Family Guy,” “Rick and Morty,” as well as a plethora of other shows. 

Adult Swim has been a good friend to the underground community and this can be seen through their Singles program. 

Adult swim calls up popular underground artists, or on rare occasions such as this, bigger named artists and asks them for singles they want to release for free. 

A lot of artists come back with these singles and Adult Swim releases them- one a week for a couple months or so every year. 

This program has been going on for three years and has really opened up the world of underground music for me. 

Many of the artists do come from music labels that Adult Swim has worked with or promoted before such as Warp records and Ghostly Intl. 

This program contains different types of genres from Synthwave to Rap, Black Metal to Art Rock, and Pop to Drone. 

All done by different artists so is to help broaden your horizons of music. Of the varied artists that play on this program some familiar names are Skrillex, WOKE, Peaches, Run The Jewels, and Slayer even makes an appearance. 

With all these heavy hitters I can say this was a really good year for the Singles program. 
I found Peaches especially enjoyable since I have a soft spot for Art rock but I was surprised by Kitty with its contemporary pop sound and its big-sounding smooth synth. 

If you decide to take a listen to these songs don’t feel intimidated by the amount of unknown artists, this in my opinion is my favorite part. 

Without knowing any previous knowledge of the artist, the anonymity allows you to really make a judgement strictly on the sound of their music. 

Not on what the artist looks like or what their popularity might be. 

With the added bonus that all these songs are free, there is no real risk in giving these songs a listen.  
If you’re also interested, the previous year’s Singles are still available for download as well. 

All of these songs are available for free download on the Adult Swim Website or on Soundcloud.


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