More millennials need to fill the ballot

October 20, 2015


Early voting began Monday, Oct. 19 and many people are asking if they should vote and how important it really is to take part in the ballot.

Because America is representative democracy many voters, especially younger ones, question whether their vote will actually make a difference or count. 

According to the University of North Carolina, Millennial voters are more diverse than any other constituency. A “Millennial” refers to someone who was born after 1980 or, more specifically, between 1977 and 1995.

With an estimated 44 Millennial voters eligible to vote, our vote can make an enormous difference when banded with others in your demographic. 

Millennial voters are also more diverse than any other body of voters. According to Rock the Vote, 61 percent of Millennials identify as White, while 17 percent are Hispanic, 15 percent are Black and 4 percent are Asian.

Also, no one else votes with the mind of a college student. Who else is better qualified to vote for issues like student loan rates, educational standards, and admissions policies? People who are affected by these topics cannot oversee the importance of their participation in voting. 

There are also many myths that revolve around voting, many of which are not coming for reliable sources. It is crucial to be well informed of what you need to vote and things that might come with it. 

It is important to remember that your vote does matter. According to the National Review, the more people believe their vote doesn’t count, the less true it becomes—and such a universalization would be fatal to democracy. Also, recent history has shown that elections can be decided by a handful of votes.

You can’t complain about the things happening around you if you don’t vote. You had your opportunity to use your voice and chose not to. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, others will, and you may not like the outcome. 

Remember, it’s your right to vote. Many governments around the world don’t allow their citizens to take part in electing officials. We were born with that right, so why not use it?

Early voting by personal appearance for the Nov. 3, Election began on Oct. 19, and ends on Oct. 30. 
You may vote at any early voting location in your county of registration.

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