Darkest Dungeons; a stressful RPG for the gaming world

October 20, 2015


In a mere moment, everything had gone wrong. Our healer bit the dust due to a fierce strike from a friend. 



Courtesy of Darkest Dungeons / Tejano Tribune

Stress can sometimes make your heroes improve, or drive  them to insanity.


Perhaps if her greed had not caused her to tamper with that rigged chest earlier, maybe she’d still have the strength to remain in this world. 

And our knight, with the loss of our healer finally caved into the stress of this mission, paranoia taking him as he began to hear voices. 

Our archer injured, and failure appeared to be our only option. Something within me wanted to press on through this fight and end this mission. 

I also felt sanity making its plea, demanding that I retreat, and drown these horrid memories into the darkest corners of my mind at the tavern. 

A strike from our once sane knight brings me out of my thoughts as I see him to cut into our archer. 
I can’t fight both fiend, and foe. I grab our still breathing archer and retreat with haste. 
As we fled from this accursed place, the screaming and ranting of our knight slowly turns into only screams, and then silence. 

For now we leave as failures, but we will return and cleanse these ruins of evil.
Darkest Dungeons is an Early Access (early beta) Western Role-Playing Game for the PC, that focuses not only on difficulty, but on the toll that fighting monsters would take on heroes. 

Preparation is a must, tactics a necessity, and retreats are sometimes necessary. 
Preparing for a trek into a dungeon could mean the difference between life and death. 

Torches, and food will be your most important provisions, while medicine, holy water, bandages, keys, and other items will help you earn you more loot, and stay alive. 

Torches will provide light that will give you an advantage while exploring and fighting within dungeons.  
Depending on how much light you have, you might have a better advantage in battle, or give the fiends a better chance to put your heroes 6 ft. under. 

Food and other items will keep your heroes stress levels down, and decrease their chances of being afflicted by mental disorders, and diseases. 

Avoiding mental and medical maladies will not be your only worry while adventuring. Managing the stress that your heroes acquire while adventuring is a must. 

Stress can lead to your heroes becoming unstable, and unreliable in battle, suffer from a heart attack, or maybe rise to occasion and become heroic. 


Another feature of Darkest Dungeons is the town that you must manage while outside of dungeons. 
Some of the loot you gather from exploring, and completing quests can be used to upgrade your village. 

From relieving stress and disorders, to gaining more heroes and improving their chances of survival, upgrading your town properly can make it your best ally in the fight against the fiends that you’ll encounter.

The grim dark atmosphere is well conveyed through the Gothic art style. The music fits the tone, and increases the tension that you’ll feel when exploring. 

Darkest Dungeon also features a narrator that will occasionally comment on your choices, and actions while you play. While the narrator has a great voice, it can sometimes become repetitive during long hours of play.

Darkest Dungeons is on its way to becoming an amazing game even though it’s still in Early Access.
With recent updates that have turned up the difficulty, it has become harder for newer players to get a good start. 

While some of these issues can be disabled via the in game menu, a few bugs and balancing issues can bring down the player’s experience. 

For those of you that enjoy turn-based RPGs, you might enjoy Darkest Dungeons. 
I give Darkest Dungeons 3.5 out of 5.

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