Tom's Folk Café is jammin' with local jams and jellies

October 13, 2015


Sadly, it is more common to love a restaurant chain than a local one. I know I have as well as many other people in El Paso. 



Photo by Kathia Munoz / Tejano Tribune

Tom’s Folk Café bring a laid back ambience to accompany its local fresh, organic menu options.


There are many unknown local places that are given great reviews and people try to spread the word about them—but when it comes to food, one would prefer to go with the known, since it is easier to not break expectations. 

I came across this not-so-new restaurant, after having  passed by many times without even noticing it. 
Perhaps it is the lack of signage, or the hidden spot, yet it is a great place to grab lunch with friends or even to go on a date. 

To start, the parking lot is pretty snug; less than 8 cars could park right in front of the place. 
Since the restaurant is pretty small, there is no need for more space for customer's cars. 

If you have an indie style, then you are in the right place because Tom’s Folk Café is the perfect hang-out spot. 

It is located in 204 Boston Ave. on Mesa St. The staff is lively and young, and my waitress was helpful and friendly. 

The restaurant has all kinds of colorful decorations, and there is a huge wall made for chalk drawing, which was decorated with customer drawings and the specials of the week. 

The ambiance was smooth and relaxing, mostly because of the indie music playing, and one could just feel happy while being there. 

I started off my meal with the idea of having an appetizer, an entrée, and dessert, but first, I had some Hibiscus Iced Tea. 

It was refreshing, all natural, and mildly sweetened. 
Also, they have a variety of Hand Crafted sodas, beer, and specialty wines. 
I waited for my meal for a little while, but then I learned that everything was fresh and homemade so that explained the time it took to arrive to my table, which made it all worth the while. 

The ingredients they use for all of the meals are one hundred percent organic. 
So, if you are one of those folks looking for healthy food, this is the right place for you. 

My first plate was their Navajo Fried Bread: homemade bread with savory jams and sweet jelly, the first two sweet onions and delicious spices, with a delicious pear jam. 

My second course consisted of hickory smoked chicken with a rye whiskey sauce on top, mashed sweet potatoes, and their daily veggies; mixed all together, there was a spice party in mouth. 

I finished my meal with their special dessert, White Chocolate Ricotta Chess Pie, and believe this, every single ingredient of this little cake was all fresh and homemade; the lime jam was just exquisite, and I was sad when I finished it. 

I was amazed by this place, and I felt guilty for never having laid my eyes on it. 

I give the entire restaurant including their ambience, service and incredibly amazing dishes a 4.5 out of 5 stars, because it does not have to be a high-end restaurant to get that far—it only takes food that brings you a little piece of heaven. 

I would definitely go back to Tom's Folk Café again, since it was worth the detour. 

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