Blaming the city won't help us grow

October 13, 2015


If there is one thing El Pasoans say about the Sun City its that there’s “nothing to do here.”
Growing up, I was always told to get out of El Paso, that I should leave and find opportunity to grow elsewhere. 

Although I plan on transferring to UTSA next fall, one thing that I know for sure is that I can’t leave our beautiful city forever. 

People often choose to see and talk about the negative things rather than all the pros we have in our town. 
For example, everyone right now is complaining about all the road wok and construction our city is undergoing. 

Instead of talking trash and whining, El Pasoans need to see all the great and positive things coming out of the construction. 

None of the cities El Paso gets compared to came to be tour destinations overnight. 
Patience is the key in watching our city grow.

People also oversee the positive things that our city has to offer. 

According to Visit El Paso, we are the number one most affordable city in Texas; have the lowest crime rate in US cities with over 500,000 people 4th year in a row; 11th on national tourism quality performance and 16th on America’s best value cities. 

Another thing El Pasoans complain about is that we have nothing fun to do here and that we lack activities. 
El Paso is home to amazing music festivals like Neon Desert, Sun City, Street Fest and Balloon Fest, just to name a few.  

Not only are music festivals gaining popularity in our area, but we also have big name artist making their way to the border city. 

Along with that, we have numerous museums, art galleries, community parks and countless events that the city puts together annually. 

I think it is our job as residents of El Paso to promote the beauty we have and invite others to take part in the community. 

People love complaining but never stop and ask themselves what they can do to improve their city. 
As our city grows we have more opportunities to expand with it. 

It’s easy to point out where we lack, but with the right mind-set and motivation El Paso can become an even greater city than what it already is. 

All we need are people who are willing to make the effort in welcoming and promoting the change El Paso is going after. 

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