Tejano Alert not reaching all students

October 6, 2015


With the lockdown at the Northwest campus last Friday, it became apparent that EPCC’s Tejano Alert system is not reaching everyone as it should.



Courtesy of El Paso Museum of History

The El Paso Community College Northwest campus experienced a lockdown Friday, Oct. 1. 


The Tejano Alert Emergency Notification System is used by the college to keep everyone informed of emergencies or similar unexpected events that affect EPCC students, faculty and staff.
However, some of the problems are that students and faculty either don’t know about the alert, aren’t sure how to register for it or simply don’t find it important. 

“No one told me about the alert and [I] never really heard about it so I didn’t find it important,” Jasmin Cardenas, student at EPCC, said.

This system ensures that you receive critical emergency notifications of disasters, hazardous weather, police emergencies, or other unexpected events affecting the conducting of classes or college business.
Students who are registered to receive the alerts find the system convenient.

“The Tejano alert is very useful, not only for alerts like the lock down one last week, but also when a building is closed down due to weather or problems the campus might be having,” said Isaac Hernandez, student at EPCC.

The alerts are sent out the EPCC’s police department explained Jose L. Ramirez, EPCC Police Chief.
“You receive information via your cell phone about the emergency that is occurring, so that way you receive a text message or email to stay in the classroom or don’t even show up to the school. You don’t have to leave your home. It is very practical to have,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez expressed how the preparation for these types of situations has helped them better their reactions is case anything of the sort occurs.

 “We feel that we are very prepared for situations like these,” Ramirez said, “We have and continue to have training not only the officers but also the dispatchers. We have done a lot of active shooter presentations.”
According to Ramirez, "it’s important that everyone understands what to expect in an active shooter situation, how we’re supposed to react, what to do and things like that. I feel that we are as prepared as can be."

To sign up for the Tejano alert register at alert.epcc.edu. If you are having trouble logging in contact the IT Service Desk at (915) 831-6440.


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