My EPCC Website more helpful for students

October 6, 2015


The Information Technology Department at the El Paso Community College brings a new way to collaborate between students and faculty. 



Cynthia Belio/ Tejano Tribune

Abraham Hubail, EPCC systems software architect, showing student Adriana Cervantes the new updates on My EPCC.


According to Marco A. Fernandez, the EPCC Information Technology Department Executive Director, the updated My EPCC portal provides an improved user experience by linking the top five campus tools to one single website. 

My EPCC, My Email, Black Board, Banner System, and desktop computers will all be available for active users through one main platform.

“We get a lot of students resetting their passwords because there are so many different ones,” Fernandez said. 

“My EPCC website has a different set of credentials, so eventually all [students] have to remember is one username and one password.”

Abraham Hubail, Systems Software Architect at the EPCC Information Technology Department, explains a few of the many benefits the new My EPCC has to offer.

“It is easier to navigate, it has more storage, and it connects [students] to as many [links] as possible,” Hubail said.

Not only is this modernized tool more practical for both students and faculty. 
It is also more interactive. 

By incorporating the main EPCC social media links into the webpage, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, students can stay tuned to what happens on school grounds and participate as they please.

EPCC staff is also able to work according to their individual availabilities, even from the comfort of their homes.

“As long as they have internet access, staff and faculty can now turn in their resumes, syllabi, and gradebooks with no worries and at their own pace,” Fernandez said.

Besides not having to call the EPCC Help Desk every time someone forgets his or her username and/or password, the Information Technology Department assures there are fewer losses than wins to this new portal of information.

"There is no more need to get up and running,” Fernandez said, "when all you need to get done is at your access with the one swift click."


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