EPCC offers a holistic view on health & wellness

October 6, 2015


EPCC’s faculty and staff had the opportunity to learn how to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.
Every semester, faculty and staff have the opportunity to attend a Health & Wellness seminar.  

Instructor Jose M. Balthazar, who holds a PhD. in Mind-Body Medicine, explains the importance of keeping a positive and healthy mind.

Balthazar emphasized on the immune system and how stress can play a role in deteriorating our mind and body.  Attendees were asked to participate in different deep-breathing exercises that could help cope with stress. 

“Stress management is important in living a healthy lifestyle,” Balthazar said, “You have to dedicate time to feel positive emotions.”

His approach to overcoming these stressful thoughts was to “just breathe.” Balthazar explained that the majority of people do not breathe properly.  

“Most individuals breathe with their lungs and not the stomach,” said Balthazar, “If we use our stomach more to inhale we would allow more oxygen in and over all, humans would feel better if we'd breathe properly.”  

Even though this event has always been offered to faculty and staff, students will have the opportunity to attend a seven week course this October to learn tools for stress management, concentration, and even Self-awareness plus more areas to cover.  

Space is limited to 12 participants and is free of charge to EPCC students.
For more information contact Balthazar at  (915) 831-2085 or by email at jbaltaz6@epcc.edu 


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