Tacoholics: a taco-tastic haven for taco lovers

September 29, 2015


Tacos of every kind have always been considered a staple of the Hispanic life in El Paso. 
So it’s always good to find tacos that go a bit beyond the norm. 

Courtesy of Tacoholics

Tacoholics offers a wide range of tacos, from standard to specialty with your choice of fajita to street style as picured above.

If you need a get away from the normal roach coach tacos and get some quality food, then Tacoholics is the place for you. 


Located inside the barcade Funkmeyers, Tacoholics is a small food truck turned restaurant. 
With the craze of food trucks that has been on a steady rise in El Paso, it’s good to hear that some of them are receiving the credit they deserve and being able to station themselves in an actual restaurant setting. 

Tacoholics has many great selections even for those who are vegetarian.  
Tacoholics offers strictly tacos and one or two other specials which include “The Mexican Philly”. 
The way tacoholics may be different is that they allow you to make your own tacos. 

There is a variety of meats and tofu, different tortillas and they have even different styles of tacos to get. 
It’s always assured you could try a different kind of taco every time you eat there. Since Tacoholics is located in a bar you will have to get the drinks at the bar. 

So the tab may end up being two different receipts. 
The tacos prices aren’t too pricey, ranging from $5.95 to $7.75 respectively.     

One menu item they have called the Taco Feast may help out if you have a bigger group of people.
 The taco feast includes a kilo of meat and enough of the traditional taco fixings to go around. 

Tacoholics is a nostalgic paradise for people born in the 1980’s and 1990’s, paraphernalia such as arcade cabinets, VHS, and cassette tapes line the walls of the whole bar. 

The arcade is a great way for the guest to be social and have a great time at tacoholics while eating their tacos. 

Even children are allowed until 8 p.m. to play free games many of which are considered classics that you will enjoy playing again. 

Even if you are not interested in the games they have a lot music videos always playing at all times. 
The screens can be a bit much but if you can get through it then you are in for some great tacos. 

I give this restaurant a 3.5 out of 5.


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