Fire Tech program producing future firefighters

September 29, 2015



The Valle Verde Fire Tech Program educates many students into finding occupations into the field of firefighting. 

Photo by Victoria Balderrama / Tejano Tribune
EPCC students can find a real career in firefighting through the Fire Technician program.


The program on campus helps students understand what it’s like to be a firefighter. 
The first semester of the program has a pre-requirement of three courses which prepares students for the drills and potential situations which firefighters go through. 

These courses guide students into wanting this to be a real career for them.  

One of the courses, FRIS 1103, helps students in the program comprehend firefighter agility and safety.
 Another course in the program, FRIT 1301, which is the fundamental firefighter protection, and the last is 1319, which is firefighting health and safety. 

“By taking these three courses, students receive an overview about what the fire service is about,” said Richard Bahena, district-wide coordinator of the Fire Tech program, “By staying in the program, students who have a desire to stay in this field learn about inspecting buildings, they venture throughout campus looking for subjects that could be potential fire hazards and they practice drills and situations that can be a real danger.”

Some students in the program set expectations which conformed to what their career path would be. 
“Before joining the program, I knew it was going to be hot and stressful and it was going to take a toll on my body, but this is starting to be my career path. I really like the program, and the instructors know what they’re doing,” said Oscar Lujan, Fire Tech student. 

The fire tech program helps students not only guide them into a filed they’d like to occupy, but they also thoroughly enjoy the program. 

“It’s a fun course and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done so far. I couldn’t think of any other career besides this one that I’d want, or that I’d find as interesting as this one. This teaches responsibility and I take this course with a lot pride and honor. This is definitely my career path,” said Steven Arellano, Fire Tech student. 

The fire tech program is only available at the Valle Verde campus and the fire tech building is located near the Valle Verde baseball field. 

Students who want more information or wish to join the program may call the fire counselor, Mary Helen Fabela at (915) 831-2374. 


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