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September 22, 2015




Sometimes instructors forget they were once students


I started college four years ago in El Paso at UTEP as a business major.
After a lot of soul searching and trial and error I decided to change majors and start over at EPCC to save myself some money to finish all of my basic courses.  

In that time I have met a lot of interesting people who I was able to learn and grow from.  

I have always thought of every situation to be a learning experience, but in all my four years of college I have never had such a terrible experience with a professor than this current term.

  I have molded an idea of how college life really is since I have become more involved with school as each semester passes.  

This is the only professor offering the class, and I was warned by previous students what to expect. 
Normally I wouldn’t mind so much, but as the weeks go on, it seems as if our “professor” is getting more upset that the student’s aren’t doing things properly, but what is to be expected when there is weak instruction. 

In fact a student in a separate class told me that she made a shy, quiet student tear up in class because she wasn’t using the equipment properly, or following the cues on time during the first time exposed to the equipment. 

The student was embarrassed in front of the class before this professor decided to control the equipment on their own.  

This really struck me because just the day before, the instructor became confrontational with me as well from the moment I walked through the door.  
I was threatened to be dropped from the class for being tardy, which I didn’t even know I was until I looked at my wristwatch and saw I was one minute past the time class started.  

Dropping anyone for such an arbitrary rule would extremely  (in much more colorful, imaginative language) upset anyone.  

I understand that professors do have the ability to drop students, but morally do you find justice in dropping students especially when they are doing well in class? 
 If a student feels like they should drop, then they simply will drop themselves.  
If they are on your roster at the end of the term then they receive whatever grade they get.  

This is my last semester at EPCC, and I will NOT have a professor drop me, and prevent me from getting my diploma that I have fought so hard these last four years to get.  
Afterwards, the instructor went on to scold the class in a very condescending manner indirectly toward me.  
My blood was hot enough to boil an egg, and class finally began 10 minutes after the hour.  
This teacher would consistently ask questions for me to answer to the class, and it seemed almost as if this was used to backhandedly involve me in the class knowing how upset I was.  

Not only was I livid, I was extremely embarrassed to be reprimanded in front of the entire classroom. 
I’ve had this teacher before in a previous online class, and I recall them being seven assignments behind in grading.  

I had questions on two of the assignments, but would never get an answer.  
All of the sudden on the last week of class all the assignments were graded, and the two that I needed answers for dropped my overall grade by a letter.  

At the end of it all, I feel sorry for anyone that has been mistreated by professors that we (the students) pay a lot of money to be in class for.  

I feel as if it is my responsibility to share my story, so hopefully any students that ever encounter anything similar won’t feel alone.  

Don’t be afraid to speak up to someone.  
Counselors and the Dean are supposed to be here to help, and they are exactly the people who I will be talking to about my unfortunate experience.


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