Hamburger Hut is a home run

September 22, 2015


If you want a meal that hits home Hamburger Hut is the place to go.


This new restaurant took my breath away. I went to Hamburger Hut with my family and we all really enjoyed every single bite. 

Photo by Rox Ann Moreno / Tejano Tribune

Pictured above, a bowl of menudo, one of the

many options to chose from at Hamburger Hut.

It is located on 8764 Alameda Ave, passing Ysleta High School. 

As my family and I sat down, we already felt at home. 
The restaurant has Spanish music playing, and little TV’s on the side of the walls and at the front there is the chef cooking right in front of you. 

It is very colorful and the service is great. The waitress was very nice and friendly.  

One thing that really made Hamburger Hut stand out from other local Mexican-food restaurants was watching the chef make our food right in front of us. 

He’s chopping the lettuce and tomatoes, flipping the hamburger patty and weennies and toasting bread.
As I’m watching him, I am amazed how fast he made the food, and how cool it is watching a chef cook right in front you. 

I have only seen a chef cook right in front of you at a Chinese restaurant, so I was pretty surprised that Hamburger Hut did it too.

When the food is ready, a waitress comes out and hands us our meal. 
I ordered menudo which I complimented with oregano, lime, cheese and some onions. There was also toasted bread on the side along with my plate. 

I was blown away by how amazing the menudo tasted. It was an enjoyable meal.
Menudo is always an option everywhere I go, and Hamburger Hut satisfied me the best.

Hamburger Hut is the place to go to when you feel like having Mexican food that tastes like home. From the service to the meal, everything was great.  
I give Hamburger Hut a 4.5 out of 5. 


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