'Everest' connects with audience through real-life events

September 22, 2015


Everest is a movie based on the aforementioned tragedy and stars Jason Clarke as Rob Hall who is in charge of a Mt. Everest expedition Company named Adventure Consultants. 


Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Jason Clarke plays the role of Rob Hall, a New Zealand mountaineer leading the Mt. Everest expedition in the film Everest.  


Rob Hall leaves his pregnant wife to go lead an excursion to Mt. Everest. 

Upon arriving in Nepal and also at the Everest base camp we find many other big named actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal (who works in a rival expedition company), Josh Brolin, and many others. 

Everest in a basic sense is a disaster movie, but it is a disaster movie done correctly. 

While the movie goes on you really gain a connection to the characters and understand their motivations on why they want to go on this expedition while also feeling worried for them whenever something goes wrong. 

In movies, especially in this genre, emotion and character are one of the most important parts in telling this story. 

Another great companion to this movie is its amazing visuals. 
This movie is currently only out for IMAX and 3D cinemas which I feel is necessary for a movie like this because it helps you see how treacherous the events are.  

At times you are presented with great landscape shots of Everest, but you might also catch some shots that look like stock footage. 

All in all Everest in an amazing theater experience, but I see it suffering from the same problems the 2013 movie ‘Gravity’ does which is that there isn’t enough interest to see it again at home once you’ve seen it in the theater. 

If you were already going to watch Everest then you are in for a treat, but if you weren’t interested in this movie in the first place then it’ll be a nice 12-15 dollar experience if you feel it’s worth that much for a ticket.
I give Everest 4 out of 5 stars. 

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