Sabertooth Food Co. bound to knock your socks off

September 15, 2015


Sabertooth Food Co. is one place you don’t want to miss out on. 

Located in the heart of central El Paso, on 4012 N Mesa Street Suite B, Sabertooth has dishes that are bound to wow your taste buds.


Photo by Amairani Llerena

Sabertooth Food Co. has a wide menu to chose from, like the fish tacos pictured above.

I had been wanting to try it out for quite some time but never did get around to it until now. 
Upon arriving, you can decide whether to sit indoors or outdoors, and are immediately approached by your waiter. I decided to sit indoors. 

The restaurant is a more along the smaller scale and has a very modern feel, with large windows and lights made out old glass bottles. It is a bit foggy due to the lack of proper ventilation but it’s not very bothersome.

My waiter was somewhat sassy, yet did a great job at attending to my every need. 
I first began my eating venture with an appetizer. An order of six spicy Buffalo wings served up with a side of ranch dressing and celery sticks to help ease the spiciness. 

Now, I am a huge fan of Buffalo wings and have high expectations when it comes to them, so you can take my word for it when I say these were some of the best I’ve tried. Not too spicy, but enough to make me have to stop and inhale after each bite.  

After my appetizer, I ordered the fish tacos. If fish tacos are on the menu, you can bet your socks off that I will be ordering them. Three beer battered tilapia tacos, served with red cabbage, mango jicama salsa, topped with a chipotle lime sauce and cilantro. 

The mango mixed with the taste of fish and chipotle definitely made my heart warm up. 
I chose a side of disco fries, which are poutine-styled french fries topped with cheese curds and torreado gravy. 

Though the first couple of fries were delicious, I was unable to finish the plate due to the large portion of it and the amount of cheese. 

I must mention that my glass of water was never empty, and I never had to call my waiter over except to ask for the bill.  

Everything I needed was brought to me before I had to ask. The ambience is terrific and the food did not disappoint. I definitely recommend you take a trip to Sabertooth Food Co. for a good time and a great meal.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. 


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