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September 15, 2015













I never pictured myself going above and beyond for anything other than music.
Growing up my mother always had high expectations for me, even though I tried getting by with the bare minimum.  

Throughout high school, I played in a band, and like any other 15-year-old, I had plans to become a rock star, tour the world and live a long successful life in the music industry. 
My graduation date came before my rock star endeavors and it was then when reality slapped me in the face.


I knew I had to go to college, but getting a bachelors degree in music just didn’t feel right. My biggest fear is waking up one day and thinking, “gosh, I have to go to work” with work being music.
My next best plan was to major in journalism and mass communications because of a class I really enjoyed in high school. 


Although having placed in the Ysleta film festival and winning photojournalist of the year in high school, I never saw myself as someone that could stand out in journalism.


Journalism covers a wide range of fields and choosing only one thing to focus on was difficult. 
I first found myself in the Tejano Tribune newsroom summer of 2014. I felt overwhelmed by the hard work the Editor at the time, Jesus Rodriguez, put in to get the paper out.

My first thought was that I would never go out of my way to do so much work for a newspaper. I didn’t understand where the effort came from for students to want to do that work.

I joined the EPCC radio station that same year because I loved being surrounded by music. 
Interest slowly turned into passion. I enjoyed being involved with the communications department and I frequently found myself wanting to go above and beyond for my major.
In spring 2015 I joined the Tejano Tribune staff as a photographer, but only to receive service hours I needed for my communication classes. 

Seeing my photos published made me feel accomplished and proud, feelings that before I could only tie with my music.

There was a new drive in me, a plot change that expanded my interest with journalism. 
Towards the end of the spring semester I was approached by Steve Escajeda, informing me that the layout editor position for the newspaper was open and if I would be interested.

Although I said yes, I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to leave my work-study job at the math and science Dean’s office.

At first I felt like I bit off more than I could chew, but becoming acclimated with the newsroom’s hectic environment was easy.


With Elizabeth Vega, former editor, leaving to continue her education, I took the position of editor for the Fall 2015 semester.

I still have so much to learn but I’m really looking forward to this semester. 
Although putting this first issue together took a little more work than expected, I’m thrilled to be in the chair I sit in today. 

I would have never thought that trying to go above and beyond for something other than music would put me in this privileged position where not only I get to see myself grow, but also those around me.          

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