Live auction brings in largest profit in years

September 15, 2015



From laptops, computer equipment, office furniture to vehicles, motorcycles and even medical equipment; these were just some of the items that were able to be purchased at the annual EPCC live auction sale.
The auction was conducted on Aug 29 at the ASC district warehouse, which was hosted by Larry Otten Auctioneers. 


Photo by Francisco Galindo 

EPCC's warehouse will begin to stock up on items for next year's auction.

Aquiles Maldonado, EPCC Property Management Supervisor, made sure that the annual event conducted by EPCC Property Management Control, ran smoothly.

“Seventy-five percent of all inventory is gone and 100 percent of all inventory is sold every year,” said Maldonado.

This event occurs annually every August always on Saturdays. The event is made possible thanks to donations from every department throughout the college.

All of the items sold are surplus inventory, and all of the revenue goes to the general fund of the school.
The donations are usually made early throughout the school year when departments already have the equipment needed or when they are experiencing an upgrade.

“People come here and buy items,” said Property Coordinator, Ruben Gonzalez.   
“The only things you see left around are items that haven’t been picked up yet.”

The Property Management Control gives the buyers a few days to arrange a pick up for large items such as motorcycles, desks, office furniture, or other sizeable purchases. 

The auction is always open to the public, but sometimes other private companies take advantage of this annual sale that is made through EPCC headquarter facilities.

 These items are usually offered to any EPCC department first, and if so, are directly shipped to its stationed area.

 Because the items are shipped from facilities, some or most of the purchasable items come either used, are in mint condition or simply worn out due to use or misuse. 

“This year’s auction generated revenue of $54,679, which is the largest amount we’ve ever had,” said Juan Flores, EPCC Director of Auxiliary Services.

“Thanks to the 20 or so vehicles we auctioned off, this year’s total was about 10 percent more than what we did a year ago.”


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