'Gangster' Nancy Sinatra is back to self

September 15, 2015


Goodbye to Brooklyn flower crown, as Lana Del Rey comes with a “bang-bang”. 
Del Rey describes herself as the ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’, which influenced her first album Born to Die and Paradise in 2012.

 Although, her new album that is being released on Sept. 18, Honeymoon, is expected to come with a couple of songs that are “muddy trap energy”, said Del Rey.

 From her upcoming album, I was teased with two of her songs, both “Honeymoon” and “High by the Beach” which have been a great hit. 

The music videos have reached over 18 million views within a month. 
Honeymoon is the most visually compelling works as when she would create her own clips and footage. The ethereally retro singer seems out of reach. Personally, so far my favorite has been “High by the Beach”. 

Other than the song having a groovy rhythm, the lyrics give a rare twist compared to her previous songs. 
Del Rey persona would talk about having a sugar daddy and being with an older man who can spoil her by treating her like a princess. 

“Lights, camera, action, I’ll do it on my own, don’t need your money, money, to get what I want”, said Del Rey in her song “High by the Beach”. 

This time, she is trying to prove she does not need a man, she is becoming an independent woman. 
Del Rey also mentions how she is tired of the media, how it praises her for one moment and tear her down the next. 

As she gets stronger emotionally, she is not permitting the comments of the media affect her. Media has her under a microscope, watching every step. 

It has got to a point where she is getting tired of it. This song is telling her fans and whoever listens to it that she can defeat the media, her desires have reached another level and it will not get to her. 

On a monologue, she expresses how to be reborn as a new self though with revenge. It seems as if revenge brings the best out of the individual better than love. 

Love can’t fix things as good enough, according to Lana. Del Rey has pass through difficult times before she was famous until now but no matter what, she is still able to stay strong.


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