Time is of the essence for my education

July 28, 2015


Being on time to school is a challenge for some students. There is a small percentage of students like myself that cross the border almost daily for better education. Students like us know how hard it can be getting to college.


Always planning my day ahead of time, I prepare every morning for a trip that is almost two hours. For two years now, I have been crossing the international border from Juarez to El Paso.


I wake up early, take a shower, and get everything ready for my day. All of this just to get to EPCC. I often see other students complaining about the traffic in the parking lot, closed roads on their way to campus or not having time for themselves.


I think they really don’t know what it means to have no time. Every day I hope there is no line at the international bridge, I hope to not miss the bus and I hope to be on time to the college. In this trip there’s no room for error, if I miss the one of the above, I could lose an hour off of my schedule.


While there are other alternatives, like driving to school, I really don’t have options. I make the almost two hour trip to get to college, where the most I spend in a car is 30 minutes, but I don’t regret it. I don’t consider myself unique in the college, as I mentioned before there are quite a few students like myself that struggle every day to get on campus. 


There may be other students having worse situations, but I think they can agree that the struggle is worth it. The time I waste is not wasted time.


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