La Madeleine good enough for a second visit

July 28, 2015

La Madeleine has always been a restaurant I enjoy going to, and if you haven’t been there before, let me give you a little whiff of what it’s all about.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, located at the Fountains at Farah on 8981-9001 Gateway Blvd W., I was greeted by a host with a great, friendly attitude and was kindly passed the menu. I ordered a Chicken Provence, consisting of balsamic marinated chicken, red bell peppers, Swiss cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto and mayo baked on a freshly baked sourdough bread bun.


Unfortunately though, I received the Chicken and Pesto sandwich, made up of shaved balsamic marinated chicken, basil pesto and Swiss with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise on a pesto ciabatta roll, with salt & pepper chips with a Caesar salad as my sides.

Photos by Daniel Gacia

La Madeleine serves up roasted salmon and

dill sauce as well as pasta, sandwiches, salad

and soup. The restaurant has breakfast, lunch

and dinner options.


I was too hungry to ask for the sandwich I had actually ordered, so I just accepted the mistaken food.

I’m a huge meat lover and the cold chicken meat on the sandwich was something I hadn’t experienced.
After the first bite, I was overcome with a urge to drink because the sandwich soaked up every bit of saliva I had in my mouth. The main downfall of this sandwich was the chicken because it was dry. It had some flavor, thankfully, and the tomato added a lot of relief to the dryness, so that was a plus.

While you wait for your meal, you can indulge in unlimited small slices of bread with containers of strawberry jelly, blackberry jelly and butter. Also, there are choices of at least eight soft drinks, or you can get a cup of coffee of your choice of regular or decaf.



When I venture forth into any restaurant, I personally look for three things: the employees attitude working at the restaurant, seeing and sensing the customer’s vibe in the restaurant, and the overall cleanliness and services of the restaurant tending to customers needs.


The chicken provence dish is balsamic

chicken,red bell peppers, Swiss cheese,

sun-dried tomato pesto and mayo

on a sourdough bread bun.


La Madeleine held up to this standards beyond par and thats a huge plus for any restaurant, which is to maintain a steady income of returning and new customers.

From a rating of 5 stars I would have to give La Madeleine a 4. The price I paid for the sandwich was $9.19 and an extra $2.29 covered my soft drink with unlimited refills.

I highly recommend you at least give La Madeleine a shot, it's on the lower level of the Fountains at Farah, so it's a good stop before or after you hit the shops.

The resturant offers indoor and outdoor seating, and the food brings a good bang for the buck.


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